Causes of obesity and its control

Causes of obesity and its control

Obesity is a health problem characterized by a person becoming overweight. In this state, people are not able to control weight gain and it leads to health complications. Out of obesity, other second stage health challenges are realized and this could lead to more risks. There are various ways through which obesity can be contracted. In the same way, there are various control measures that can be applied to regulate it. In this article, the various causes of obesity are discussed together with the control measures to curb it.

Causes of obesity

Eating frequently

Whenever you develop a habit of eating excess food in a frequent manner, you risk getting obese. In most cases, excessive foods are not used up in the body and they end up accumulating as body weight. Such foods as junk, fatty meals and sugary drinks are very dangerous. They lead to uncontrolled weight gain and you can become obese within a very short period of time. Even without your knowledge, you may end up in other related health problems.

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You should ensure that food taken and absorbed in the body is not in excess. Although the temptation to eat to your full is always there, it is important to regulate food intake. Three square meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are enough on a working day. If you are tempted to take more meals in between, it is recommended that you stop. In the same way, you should avoid taking sugary drinks and foods full of fats because the risk of becoming obese is very high.

Physical inactivity

When you are not working or exercising, you risk getting obesity. All the food substances absorbed in the body should be taken to good use. One of the reasons why we need food in our bodies is the supply of energy. This energy is used for work and general activity of the body. If that energy is not utilized properly through activity, it leads to excessive weight gain. If you keep on avoiding body exercises, you are likely to have a lot of uncontrolled weigh that finally leads to obesity.


You can possibly overcome obesity through body exercise. Practise and general activity consumes energy that is absorbed in the body through food. If you have symptoms of obesity, you can try activities like running, walking or even cycling. These activities help in the reduction of body weight and you can get results within a short time. You can also try the gym for workouts and its equally effective in controlling this health threat. Physical Activity Management in Diabetes Care - 10 credits - Module ...

Effect of other diseases

Diseases like insulin resistance are capable of leading to obesity. This is mostly a second stage attack and that disease is the predisposing factor. Some of these diseases are in the genetic makeup and they are passed through heredity. From time to time, you can find out that you are contracting obesity despite practising the recommended steps. It usually happens to people when they are least expecting and they have to look for help.


Whenever you notice symptoms of obesity, seek medical attention. If you have diseases like insulin resistance, it is advisable that you seek the advice of a doctor so as to be safe from obesity. The doctor can assess you health status and understand your problem after which a solution could be found. In case of uncontrolled weight gain, you should also see the doctor because you could be diagnosed with obesity. That is where medication comes in and the physician will recommend the best prescription for you. In this way, you will manage and overcome obesity.

Psychological conditions

There are mental conditions that lead to stress and anxiety. The mind becomes overwhelmed and the individual is not well able to manage stress. That anxiety slowly develops into depression and you can find yourself overreacting. In the same way, you can find yourself in the middle of thoughts, not able to understand what is happening. You are also not able to manage thoughts and to plan ahead. Due to this emotional overwhelming, you find out that your body is gaining weight involuntarily. Even without appetite, you find yourself gaining a lot of weight. Supporting a family member with serious mental illness


Any time you experience strange changes in your mental state, it is advisable to seek medical attention. You can get help from a psychiatrist who can diagnose your problem. You could also be taken under the care of a professional counsellor and this makes it possible for you to walk out of emotional trauma. If the situation is severe, you have will be helped through medication and this is the best approach. You can be guided on the practise of meditation and mindfulness. After various exercises, you will experience reduction in body weight and this is an indicator that you are on your way to recovery.


In conclusion, obesity can be managed and controlled. There are many people who have been able to overcome it and they are completely healed. If you already have it or you have symptoms linked to its existence, it is advisable to apply the above control measures. That is why this article acts like a guide to help you understand the health threat of obesity. If you understand the problem in depth, you will possible know how to avoid it. In the same way, if you happen to have it, you can simply apply the recommended steps and overcome obesity.

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