Dealing with depression

Dealing with depression

Dealing with depression is tricky. Depression is a mental state that affects people making them incapable of finding interest and pleasure in their normal daily activities. It is largely a mood disorder that affects children adolescents and adults. It is characterised by chronic sadness. It is a health disorder which leads to other health complications if not dealt with comprehensively. People suffering from depression are vulnerable to other health threats as they showcase symptoms like loss of appetite, difficulties in thinking and reasoning, lack of sleep or too much of it.  Weight gain or loss and feelings of guilt and worthlessness are also common symptoms of depression. Worse still, depression posses the threat of death as the patient has recurrent thoughts of suicide and occasional attempts of it. In this article, you will learn how to manage depression and overcome it.

Spend time with people who lift you up

Being depressed makes you have a lot of thoughts and in most cases, you guilty and unworthy. You feel like you are of no importance. That is how the thoughts of suicide come in and you may end up trying to kill yourself. During depression, you need to be around the kind of people who can help to lift your spirit. You need to spend time with people who understand your worth and not those who will do anything to bring you down. Avoid isolating yourself from people because it is one of the surest ways of feeding depression.

Health Benefits Of Spending Time With Friends
Spending time with friends is good for your mood.

Have moderate exercise and eat right

Your eating culture can be influenced by various moods during depression. You therefore need to watch out on how you eat so that you don’t end up having health complications. It’s unpredictable whether you get appetite or lose it and that determines your mood for food. You have to ensure that you maintain a healthy eating habit to avoid being overweight or underweight. More so, you need regular exercises for about 5 minutes a day. Such practice will help you overcome depression and the related complication. You can find more information on staying fit and exercising on our other article   “tips to success in personal fitness”

Bi-weekly aerobic exercises may help combat depression ...

Keep a regular sleeping schedule

Sleep is one of the most important things when suffering from depression. Most people completely lack sleep while others have it in excess. Either way, it is important to ensure that you sleep regularly schedule. Avoid staying awake late in the night when everyone else is asleep as this takes you into the world of thoughts. These thoughts are capable of generating negative feelings and the effect is also harmful to your health as it may complicate the levels of depression.

How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule | 2020
Fix your sleep to help cure depression

Live in the present, depression loves the past

You may be living in the past and that could be the reason why depression is negatively affecting your thoughts. As aforementioned, depression is caused by a number of factors some of them being unpleasant past experiences. Reviving such experiences is painful and extends the harm of depression. It is important that you learn to live in the present which will help you to overcome the unpleasant past experiences that can negatively influence your health and especially the mental state. You may practice meditation and mindfulness as they can help you in easing loads of thoughts.

Find something engaging to do

Having some set goals to accomplish is one of the best ways to deal with feeling depressed. If you find something that can be of help to other people, that can help to enhance your self-worth. It is very important to feel useful because most depression thoughts convince the patient that they are not worthy of anything. If you serve others, your esteem and feeling of self-worth is boosted to a great extent. This helps you to begin on a recovery path which is very vital in taking away pain, stress and anxiety. Finding something that makes you feel better on the inside is a great way of dealing with depression.

An engaging activity could help you cope better with quarantine ...


In conclusion, being depressed can possibly be managed and overcome just like any other health complication. If not treated and managed properly, depression could be very harmful to health and can even lead to death. Most of the mental health conditions are traceable to depression, stress and inability to manage self. For that reason, it is very important that you follow the recommendations of this article as they would help you overcome depression. Nonetheless, you will be able to face life with a positive and it will increase your levels of productivity.

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