Enhancing adolescent health

Enhancing adolescent health

Enhancing adolescent health is a crucial stage in child development because it is a transition period from childhood to adulthood. It is important because it is the time to create a course for the child’s adulthood health. As a parent, it is always a joy to see your child grow up and become a responsible adult who is free from health threats. Some parents may ignore the importance of this period in life of their children and the repercussions are always felt almost immediately and always. For a healthy adolescent lifestyle entailing good behavioural such as. Physical, and mental aspects in a child, then the parent or guardian involved is also responsible.

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Adolescent health also referred to as youth health. Entails various approaches to prevention, detection, and treatment of young people’s well-being and health. To ensure adolescent health is well enforced, various organisational bodies come up with policies to govern the same. Many parents may have been tackling adolescent health from a wrong perspective. For that reason, this article expounds on various ways to enhance good adolescent health in detail.

Expect anything.

As a parent, it is important to always bear in mind that you are dealing with a new and an ever-learning mind. It is important to understand that during this period, the youth are undergoing continuous brain development. Decisions made by youths in this period are new decisions that can be shaped always during parent and child interaction. To enhance a good adolescent period of a child. Then, as a parent you must learn to expect anything that comes your way as a result of the kid’s actions.

Applaud and appreciate the good decisions and correct those that are bad. Good mental health of adolescents is not only a doctor’s job but also the parent’s obligation. Being open-minded and doing the basics of advising where necessary will always ensure that the child grows up knowing what is expected of him in handling various life decisions. 

Build on physical activity

Physical exercise is an important aspect in developing both the child’s mental and physical capabilities. Creating an effective exercise plan for the family with an inclusion of the child is an important step in the healthy development of the child. Proper bone and muscle development which are enhanced during physical exercise, are important for the child’s general health. During these physical interactions in exercising, the child can bond with family, create a sense of belonging, and also it may act as a relationship creator for the family.

Four in five teenagers not doing enough exercise, says WHO.
teenagers need to exercise

Be a talent supporter

A child feels so happy to be supported in their interests and talents. Being involved in such activities helps the youth develop with the aspect of team coordination, leadership skills, self-responsibility, and also creates happiness. As a responsible parent who wishes to establish a good mental health for their children, must always support them in their passion and talents. 

Teens should be encouraged to join clubs, sports, choir and also volunteering opportunities. Support the kid financially in all they need to develop their talents and be sure the youth will be happy. Discouraging a child in pursuing their interests may end up affecting their future careers and behaviours too. Be a responsible parent and help your kid grow his potential at an early stage.

High intensity exercise in teenagers could promote healthy heart

Be a role model.

As a parent it is good to always lead as an example. To help enhancing adolescent health it is important to know that youths look up to their parents in so many ways that you may not know. It is fascinating how youths really believe in their parents and fully trust them to accomplish anything. It’s good to be a role model to the youth and means that the kids will always emulate your behaviour. As a responsible parent, ensure that you help your child in their duties, create a proper meal plan, advocate for proper education, always keep your promises, and always help them in volunteering activities. As a role model you should also behave ethically, pray together, have common meals, and above all create a good family environment. Avoid violence, insults, and unethical behaviour in the youth’s upbringing.

Always be open to talks and be appreciative.

At an adolescent stage, most youths tend to pull away and increasingly start practising independence. To enhance adolescent health as a responsible parent, always keep an eye on them. Always be open to talks. Appreciate the youth in the milestones they achieve. Always be open and freely, and above all.  Make sure your ready to correct them in case they do something wrong. Group Therapy Activities | Teens Need Help Sometimes Too. Make time and listen to the teens attentively and also share jokes. Advise them, and also get to know more about them. Remember, do it cautiously. Tips on how to relate with teens can be looked up online. You can also ask a professional counsellor for help. Creating a healthy relationship with adolescents helps them relate and manage themselves throughout their life. 


Adolescent health is important in navigating the teen’s path to develop into good adult life. As it is every parent’s goal to ensure that they bring up the kid in the best way possible. They need to consider that a responsible kind of parent is fully supportive of their children to ensure they grow up healthy. Youth’s mental health is highly dependent on their upbringing. So, you as a parent brace yourself to giving them the best environment they need. Take up the challenge!  

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