Home remedy for food poisoning

Home remedy for food poisoning

From time to time, people fall into the abyss of food poisoning without their knowledge. They end up eating poisoned food and this can lead to very many health problems. There are various health risks posed by bad food and they lead to deterioration of health. At home, this condition can be very challenging if you don’t know how to treat it. In this article, the various ways through which it can be managed effectively will be discussed in detail. ORALYTE, Strawberry ORALYTE, Orange ORALYTE, Banana ORALYTE, ORS ...


Taking a rest is very important especially after you have suffered from food poisoning. It becomes possible for you to recover from the damages that you incurred. Food poisoning is an illness just like any other and you need time to recover. For that reason, you need to take your time resting so as to enhance quick recovery. When you recover, you can resume daily activities but you should ensure that you do it gradually until you have attained full recovery. The recommendation to rest after food poisoning comes because it naturally weakens the body. Bed Rest Can Set off a Chain of Complications - Elite Learning

Eat foods that will keep you hydrated

In most cases, food poisoning brings about vomiting and diarrhoea. These two conditions make the body to lose a lot of water. The levels of water lost by the body are determined by the intensity of food poisoning. Digestive disorders are also experienced and this can make you vomit and diarrhoea excessively. To ensure that you are safe, it is advisable to take foods that will help to keep you hydrated. Drinking a lot of clean water is also very important as it helps to quicken the rate of recovery. Hydration prevents you from being overly emaciated and your body gains momentum faster. Food-safety expert reveals why washing your fruits and veggies is ...

Go for antibiotics

In most cases, food poisoning is as a result of as a result of bacterial infections. You need to take antibiotics so as to fight the various bacteria affecting your body. However, you should always ensure that antibiotics are prescribed by a medical practitioner. This is only possible if you seek medical attention and they physician recommends that you take them. Any other assumption of antibiotics that is not a prescription is dangerous. In fact, it is not always a guarantee that you will be given antibiotics after food poisoning unless you are diagnosed with a severe case. But if they are recommended, they can help you to fight weakness caused by food poisoning bacteria. These drugs don't mix with antibiotics | MDLinx

Avoid certain foods

Only foods that are gentle to your stomach should be encouraged. In some cases, food stomach may damage the inner part of the stomach if it was severe. That is why you need to avoid such heavy foods like daily products, fibre, sugar, alcohol, dairy products, fats and nicotine. Again, you should take meals with very low fat content just to keep you nourished. In this way, you should focus on BRAT diet that is highly essential to your recovery. Rice and bananas can play a leading role in helping you to achieve a quick recovery.

What is the BRAT diet? Why doctors no longer recommend it - Insider


In conclusion, you now have a remedy to food poisoning. You should never worry again about what to do just because of food poisoning. Unless it is a severe case, you can manage the condition at home and that can help you fight all related infections. From the knowledge of the above article, you are equipped with the right understanding to deal with food poisoning. It should therefore, never pose a problem to help people around you when they are faced with the challenge of food poisoning. It is justified to say that the above article is procedure to deal with food poisoning at personal levels.

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