Tips to lose weight during the lockdown

Tips to losing weight during the lockdown

Almost every part of the world is affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Stringent measures have been put in place to avoid further spread of the disease that has so far affected a lot of people and has led to many deaths. One of those measures has been lockdown where people are restrained in their homes to avoid further spread and infections.

Skip meals to help with weight gain
MIssing meal times can help with losing weight

1: Skipping some meals Is vital for weight loss

On a normal working day, three square meals are fair to supply the body with the needed energy for work. These meals are helpful because they keep the body energised. In a lockdown, the body does not require a lot of energy because it is not utilized through work. If one continues to take the same meals in lockdown, they risk the accumulation of weight in the body.

To avoid such an accumulation of weight, it is advisable to skip some meals of the day. The preference of which meal to skip is dependent of the one practicing to lose weight and by the time lockdown will be over, they will have kept fit.

The Dangers of Skipping Meals | HealthCare atHOME

2: Avoid sugary drinks and junk foods

Drinks that have excessive sugars lead to the accumulation of fats in the body. Junk meals that are largely fatty can easily lead to rapid increase of weight in the body. During the lockdown, there are little or no movements from one place to the other. This makes the food taken by the body less effective and they accumulate into weight.

Since there are minimal movements during lockdown and people are not going to work, it is important to reduce the intake of sugary drinks. In the same way, junk foods should be avoided to prevent a situation where one becomes overweight.

Avoiding sugary foods
Avoid sugary foods and unhealthy fat.

3: Engage in body exercise with family members

Although the primary aim of lockdown is to effect social distancing, people are not prohibited to interact with their healthy family members. When they are not busy, they should ensure that they maintain a healthy exercise routine to keep fit. They can decide to choose from a variety of exercises like rope jumping, ball games, jogging, lifting home weights, and push-ups among other practices that could help them to lose weight.

During these exercises, they can manage to lose a lot of weight that would otherwise have accumulated in their bodies. When practiced consistently, this can be effective to every family member because it also inspires togetherness when people are doing an exercise in unison.

Meal plans are helpful
Losing weight with a meal plan is a good idea.

4: Creating a diet fitness plan

Weight accumulation can be regulated just like anything else provided there is a goal to do so. One of the best ways to do that is through a fitness meal plan. This meal plan keeps the family members on diet and prevents them from consuming the meals that can lead to excessive accumulation of weight in the body.

A mean plan is a function of good research on meals, food substances that can be helpful in reducing body weight. If such a meal plan is practiced for a long time, it becomes obvious that weight gain is regulated. All the dietary meals are integrated into that meal plan and the results are always pleasing because fitness is maintained.

Drink Water
Water helps with weight loss

5: Practising water intake and especially before meals

Water is a solvent that keeps the body hydrated. The intake of water helps in keeping the body fit almost always. In most cases, heavy meals, fatty dishes, and sugary drinks are effective in weight accumulation because they are concentrated. To reduce the concentration of such drinks and meals, water is the number one solution. One may take water several times a day in a fair target that will keep them healthy.

This practice could either be done with hot or cold water depending on the preference of the person practicing weight loss. After a consistent application of this weight loss strategy, results begin to show. 


In conclusion, everyone will want to have a healthy body even after the lockdown is over. losing weight during the lockdown is not easy but sooner or later, the lockdown will be over and the quality of practice will determine how healthy they will be. Post lockdown, people will be working and a lot of energy will be required to enable them to carry out their daily activities. As of now, it is important to ensure that the aforementioned tips are practised top the latter. The choice of either or several of the recommended tips would help to spearhead the loss of weight during a lockdown.

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