5 best tips to stop smoking – Quit today

Best tips to stop smoking right now, smoking is one of the health hazards that not only endanger the lives of smokers but also that of people close to them. There are a number of health complications that result from smoking. Most smokers are always willing to cut the addiction chain but they don’t know how to.

They are very much aware that it is risky to their health and that of people close to them but they are drained by the addiction helplessly without knowing what to do. In this article, the various tips that can help one to stop the smoking addiction will be evaluated comprehensively.

1: Spend a lot of time with non-smokers

Smoking is very addictive and when spend time who are smoking, they are tempted to fall into the trap. Even people who are known to have stopped smoking can also be tempted into the addiction if they spend time with smokers. To enhance a successful uprooting of the addiction, it is advisable to spend time with people who don’t smoke .

More so, one may choose to go to places where smoking is allowed and be there longer so that they can cut short the addictive nature of smoking. This should be a conscious decision by the one who wants to stop smoking.

Five ways to quit smoking

2: Attend the stop-smoking help groups

There are various groups that support people who are willing to stop smoking. These groups are full of professionals and medical care practitioners who not only show people how to stop smoking but also the importance. A lot of lessons are taught concerning the health hazards that are posed by smoking. In the same way, they are taught effective ways through which smoking can be avoided.

The benefits of stop-smoking are also taught in these groups with the primary aim of helping addicts to overcome that challenge. Such groups can be very effective in cutting the chain of smoking.

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3: Taking slow deep breath during craving

After making a decision to stop smoking, the struggle does not end there. There are moments of cravings for smoking especially when one thinks about that experience. In such moments, it is important to take slow deep breaths and meditate about the decisions that have been made. During this temporary retreat of meditation, one is able to reason and come up with a more reinforced decision that will help them stop smoking. This method of meditation is very important as one becomes more aware of the health realities and the importance of the decisions they have made.

4: Keep your mouth engaged

The mouth should be engaged most of the time so as to replace the addiction of smoking. Activities like chewing gum, humming songs among other engaging activities are important t forget smoking. The rate at which the mouth is engaged determines the level of craving that one has for smoking. If they are in the process of stopping the addiction, they should be busy throughout so as to skip the moments that they would crave for smoking.

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5: Avoid places that give you the urge to smoke

Everyone has memories that remind them of certain experiences. The same thing happens with smoking and when one is looking forward to cutting the addiction, it becomes obvious that those places give the same smoking memories .

These places bring a strong urge to smoke and they should be avoided at all costs. More so, the activities that lead to such thoughts should also be avoided. Instead, they should be replaced with new places and activities and that would help the smoke adapt to a new life that is free from the addiction of smoking.


In conclusion, the cutting of smoking addiction could be very helpful to the body. People would benefit in many ways and more so health wise. There are numerous health complications that are traceable to chronic smoking culture. These terminal illnesses weaken the body and in some situations, they lead to death.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been on the leading line educating people of the health dangers of smoking through their various agencies across the world. There is always a disclaimer even from the manufacturers of cigarettes that smoking is harmful to health. It is therefore justified to say that people continually smoke because they are not able to cut the addiction. Fortunately, with the knowledge shed in the above article, it is possible to successfully overcome smoking.  We hope you manage to quit smoking with our 5 tips to stop smoking guide. 

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