Top 10 weight loss tips for women

Top 10 weight loss tips for women

Food Portion Size Examples Helps With Weight loss

1: Portioning your servings helps with weight loss

 Do more petite dishes to decrease how much you eat by as much as 15%. Plate and serving sizes have increased over time. Therefore you may be ingesting more than you realize – most people eat and drink more when served more significant portions. And make sure plate colour differs with the food on it; study shows people eat more if food is the same colour as the plate.

Women drinking water, you should drink more water to help with weight loss

2: Consume more water and lose more weight

 Research carried out in America suggests that drinking more water will make you feel fuller. Not only will you feel fuller during your food, but it also helps to cut cravings and reduce binge eating. Swap out your sugary drinks, teas and coffees for a nice ice-cold glass of water.  This is one of the most important suggestions for our 10 weight loss tips for women.

More sleep helps with losing weight, sleep more!

3: Get More Sleep! It supports weight-loss

I know its easy to stay awake all night, and I know its hard to shut down sometimes and rest but its essential to get a good nights sleep and here’s why.  

Getting less than 7 hours of sleep causes weight gain, even if you are on a strict diet or weight-loss program. Why may you be asking? Let me tell you. When you get less than 7 hours of sleep, your body builds up insulin resistance. Insulin resistance causes your pancreas to produce more insulin to combat your higher blood sugar levels. With excess insulin levels in the blood, your body automatically begins storing more fat in dangerous places. Fat builds up on your liver; in the long term, this can cause underlying health issues such as diabetes type 2.  

Not to worry, though, getting more sleep and drinking plenty of water can help solve this problem. Drinking more water will also allow your kidneys to flush out excess sugar which will help your body clear out insulin which isn’t needed. Sleep more, you guys! 

4: Cutting back on carbs, starch and sugar. 

Reducing carbohydrates is beneficial for weight loss and dieting.

When you cut back on carbohydrates, your body begins to fill less hungry, and it’s important to know that this doesn’t happen overnight. When you first cut down your carbohydrate intake, your body needs time to adjust, at first you could feel more hungry. 

If you cut down on your intake of starchy, sugary foods and carbs, your body begins burning fat which is already stored. Tip, drink more water when you cut back on carbs, this will help with food cravings and hunger. 

Eating more protein and healthy fats is beneficial to losing weight.

5: Eat more protein and healthy fats.

So you made it this far, huh? You must mean business! 

Experts say that if you intake a fat source, protein and low carb vegetables into your diet, you will feel much better. 

Eating a high amount of protein throughout the day can help with hunger; this will allow you to intake fewer calories and suppress emotional thoughts of eating. Food cravings and obsessions can be hard to deal with, so I recommend increasing your protein ratio. In return, up to 60% of your obsessive thoughts for food can be reduced. 

Vegetables are a great way to fill your plate, with the majority of them being low carb you can afford to fit a lot of these into your meals. Not only does veg include essential nutrients for your body, eating plenty will help you feel fuller as you chew. 

To summerise, eating a balance of vegetables, protein and healthy fats, you will have an excellent diet which will help with weight loss.

Here are a few ideas for low carb veg, we welcome the readers of 10 weight loss tips for women to comment below and add your recommendations too.

  • cucumber
  • Swiss chard
  • cabbage
  • broccoli
  • tomatoes
  • spinach
  • kale
  • lettuce
  • Brussels sprouts
  • cauliflower
Exercising is a great way to help with weight loss from lifting weights to cardio, exercise supports weight loss.

6: Exercise, lift weights! 

A common side effect of losing weight is your metabolism slowing down. Combating your sluggish metabolism is smooth, lift weights! 

Lifting weights is proven to help your metabolism function properly. When you begin pumping iron at the gym, you will also burn lots of calories, and we recommend hitting the gym at least three times per week. Four is better if you can. Heres a guide which you can read for more information and techniques on lifting weights for weight loss.

So you cant get into a gym or perhaps your not down for lifting heavy metal, no problem! Here are a few suggestions for you to try instead. 

  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Power walks
  • cycling
  • swimming
  • boxing
4 freshly made meals.

7: How making your meals from scratch is good for weight loss.

Making your meals fresh is essential for losing weight, this tip is a must follow, it’s easy to grab that ready-made meal from the supermarket, but have you ever seen the contents? 

When you buy ready-made meals, you are not 100% sure what you’re eating. These things carry additives and processed foods, there cheap and easy for a reason. Think about it, next time you’re in a supermarket, check the packaging. 

Ready-made meals contain lots of added sugar and salt. You don’t want that in your stomach when you’re trying to lose weight, lose it! 

Making your meals yourself will allow you to add necessary ingredients and will also help you understand portion sizes. Tip, make your sauces, sauces contain lots of added sugar.

Food shopping on an empty stomach is a bad idea. Avoid the snack isle!

8: Never shop when you’re hungry

I can not stress this enough. Get your shopping list together, plan your ingredients and essentials. If you can, get a set meal plan together for the week or month basically, fit your meals into your shopping schedule. If you need your meals to last two weeks, shop for two weeks. 

When you go to a supermarket hungry, you will buy more than needed and also unnecessary items. Science has proved this. 

Try and stick to your meal plan, don’t be distracted, don’t even look at the chocolate that is on sale, don’t be tempted by the cake isle. Get what you came for and leave. Be strict with yourself, and this will help you stay on track and lose weight faster.

Swapping your snacks for healthy alternatives come with plenty of benefits including.

9: Replace your snacks with healthy alternatives.

Snacking is common, its something we all do when we feel hungry. Eliminating snacks is difficult, but replacing them can be rewarding, especially for losing weight faster. Let’s look at some snacks; you can begin implementing into your diet. 

  • Cheese strings
  • Nuts 
  • Flatbread with hummus or Greek yoghurt 
  •  Fig Rolls Or Nutrient Bars
  • Celery and peanut butter
  • Banana split (medium-sized portion)
  • Eggs, boiled, scrambled or however you like them! 
  • Dates
  • Kale Chips (Baked)

Summing up the snack alternatives, there is a lot of choices. You can also check out Women’s Health Mag for a full, in-depth list. You can find lots of healthy snacks

Reduce your alcohol intake

10 Reduce your alcohol intake

Reducing your alcohol intake can have a significant effect on weight-loss and calorie intake. A small glass of wine can contain just as much as a piece of chocolate. Consuming less alcohol has a lot of benefits for you, not just weight loss. Still, when you drink alcohol, your body will burn the calories you are drinking instead of burning fat which is already stored. 

Here you can find guides and some great tips on reducing alcohol, enjoy! 

Well, this completes our top 10 list, although this list is titled for women, a lot of these tips apply for men trying to lose weight too. We wish you all the best when it comes to losing weight and if you enjoyed this post, leave a comment! 

We are always happy to respond to your feedback, so don’t be shy. 

You can get our free weight-loss book here too: Best Weight Loss Book

Best of luck on your weight-loss journey, 

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